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Cabarete, Caribbean


The swell season starts in September and ends in April. Occasionally we get some swell hitting the north cost of the Dominican Republic even in the summer.

We recommend the following spots for surfing in Cabarete.


A) La Policia
The spot is located 5 minutes walking distance from our center. It is a beach break and provides very good beginner conditions. For first time surfers it is most of the time not even necessary to paddle out. They can walk out over the sandbank to the break and can therefore save energy for the first take off. Super safe, this spot allows teaching, supervision and safety directly from the beach.

B) Home break
This is our home spot. The spot is only working with a very big north swell. When huge waves are passing the outer reef, the swell in the bay is producing a nice little break on a sandbank just in front of our center. The break is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers.

C) Bozo beach
Just 5 minutes walking distance left of our center, we have the perfect spot for bodyboarding. It is also a beach break and a suitable spot for advanced surfers. For beginners the wave is most of the time too powerful, and breaks almost on the beach itself.

D) Playa Encuentro
This is the most famous surf spot at the north cost of the Dominican Republic. It is a 15 minute drive away from Cabarete. Due to the size of the waves, and the way they break (small white waves off of the beach, then small breaking waves further out before a real peak of faster (sometimes tubing) waves, it suits beginners, advanced and experts. It is a reef break. The beach is probably one of the nicest around, the feeling of being lost on a very special and isolated island incomparable, and starting your day with a surf session in Encuentro is probably one of the nicest thing in the world.

For beginners we recommend surf shoes.

Transfers are organised with the local taxi-minibuses (Guaguas), and the price of the ride (to be determined) shared between the amount of participants. Full blast Merengue music guaranteed on the way to the spot, for maximum energy and positive vibes!


  • Storage: Yes
  • Equipment: Bic Boards: 6"10, 6"7, 7"0, 7"3, 7"6, 7"9, 8"0
  • Team: Oli
  • Languages: German, English and Spanish
  • Tuition: beginner, intermediate, advanced, private lessons / all year
  • Rental: all year

Latest weather data

Cabarete, Caribbean : sunny
air temp : 32 c
water : 27 c
wind : 5 bft / 21 Knots

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